Building 10 non-profit sites in 8 hours on

This past weekend, a few of my colleagues and I participated in Out in Tech's Digital Corps hackathon in NYC. Along with about fifty other volunteers, we worked to create websites on for ten international organizations fighting to protect LGBTQ+ rights. Because participants were constrained to building sites on, it was a great … Continue reading Building 10 non-profit sites in 8 hours on

Artboard bounds

Every medium has it's tools and every tool has it's quirks. Like us though, it's those quirks that either form strong attractions, mild apathy, or even sometimes loathing towards the... tool itself. Once you find the right tool however, things start to just "click". It might not happen at first mind you. As sometimes there's … Continue reading Artboard bounds

Automattic IRL

Automattic is a digital company, with digital products. We don’t get to hold the things we make in our hands, instead we interact with them through computers and mobile devices. Even our interactions with the people who use our products are digital and text based. Beyond that, our team at Automattic is distributed internationally, and … Continue reading Automattic IRL