Good Enough

Lots of stuff is always happening at Automattic by some v v talented folks across the globe. Our marketing efforts hit folks’ email boxes with emails we share, it shows up in browser screens and mobile screens via ads, and we do a lot of events around the world.

We also do it across the entire range of our products — and it gets awfully difficult to coordinate what’s getting out there. I akin it to a busy kitchen at a restaurant that needs to deliver piping hot food to customers as soon as computerly possible. And in doing so, it’s awfully hard to make sure that all meals are coming out in a consistent fashion. At least that’s me. I think in the idea of the romanticized idea of a single “Master” off a side road in Shinjuku who serves a set of customers who they can directly see and serve with quintessential consistency is awesome … but not a reality to achieve within a technology company. We’re always delivering “good enough” — not “perfect.” And I like that a lot, although when I do get to Japan I get my fill of the perfection of Japan 😉.

In a world where many elements are moving forward, consistency is a way to achieving a level above “good enough” — and there’s nothing like a teense bit of centralizing work headed out the door with the utmost festiveness and flaire. Thus, welcome to one of our first public design blogs at Automattic.

Here’s where you’ll see all our materials heading out into the world — including the thinking of the folks who make this work. You’re also able to get an opportunity to understand what the dreamy intent of our work really is and might be.

The tentative tagging of posts will revolve around this initial tag-onomy:

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 3.21.38 PM

Which I’m sure we’ll evolve over time. I’ll be your host and try to catch up with things I’ve found inside Automattic that already headed outside. And soon you’ll be able to listen to the folks doing this work instead of me if and when this takes off.

Let’s see where this goes. Welcome! —JM

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